Who we are

Mayday Trust is a forward thinking organisation working with people going through some of the toughest life transitions. Mayday, along with its Innovation Partners, are also working to create a system where these tough times are what they should be; a temporary transition in someone's life.

What we do

We provide direct support through our unique Personal Transitions Service, which aims to get people through those tough times by making it as positive and transitional as possible. We do this by providing the right, highly personalised interventions at the right times. We don’t need to know all the issues - we focus on each person’s unique strengths, talents and abilities.

We never get complacent and always reflect on our work and people’s experience so that we adapt, improve and provide better individual services for people.

We also work with like-minded organisations, commissioners and investors to share our experiences, explore the benefits and challenges of delivering strength based work with the aim of creating an environment where new solutions and the people who receive them can thrive.

Working together

We are looking for like-minded organisations that are also keen to make a difference to the way traditional services are delivered to people perceived as having ‘complex needs’ and where Mayday’s Personal Transitions Service can help to make this happen. 

Please get in touch if you would like to talk about how we can work together.