To become a volunteer for Mayday Trust, download your volunteering application form, then return the completed form to us.  Have a look at the list of specific volunteer roles we're recruiting for at the moment. 

We're proud to be different. We rediscover the person beneath the problem. We want to understand the people we work with as fellow human beings with hopes and fears, dreams and plans. We have conversations instead of just asking questions and ticking boxes. We’ll chat about the kind of things that motivate each individual, the sort of stuff they love doing, what’s helped them through the rough times before, and the ambitions they’ve got for the future. We focus on strengths and we use those as the blocks to build up confidence and resilience. Together we decide what to do next based on each person’s ambitions, whether that’s competing in a chess tournament or learning how to write computer code.

That's where you come in. With the help of the community and people just like you, the people we work with can experience these opportunities with any support they need.

Why volunteer with us

  • You'll have the personal satisfaction of seeing the work you do change people's lives in a dramatic way
  • You'll gain practical, real world experience
  • You'll learn valuable new life and social skills
  • You'll fulfil placement needs of your studies
  • You can use your ideas, creativity and skills to make the role your own

Choose the right volunteering option to suit your skills and experience with hours that fit into your study commitments or the placement criteria of your course.

Full Time Volunteers

We need someone to be there to support that first step back into the community; to be there as the people we work with explore opportunities and rediscover 'their spark' and passion for life. Our full time volunteers find opportunities with local businesses and in the community to meet each individual's ambitions and passions. One day you might be organising a beginner's DJ mixing session, the next, supporting an individual working with horses in the local riding school or giving computer coding a whirl. You'll need to be creative and resourceful to generate the most impact out of a limited budget. The people we're working with are going through tough times so you'll need to have empathy and excellent communication skills.

Volunteering with Mayday is a great chance to make a difference to society. It has helped me grow as a person while helping people to achieve their goals and motivate them to make positive changes in their life. Maike, Volunteer

Flexible student placement volunteers

If your course has clear placement objectives for to meet and you couldn't commit to working with us full time we can be flexible. We'll provide opportunities for you to get involved, meet your course objectives and fit them into your schedule. We're particularly keen to work with health and social care, psychology and counselling students looking for practical, hands-on experience to add to their qualifications. You'll be building networks and community partnerships and encourage the people we work with to take part in inspiring activities.

I volunteer because I enjoy working with people and I want to gain experience. Being with Mayday is a good way to fulfil both. I have a new point of view on many things. I learned not to judge. And supporting others, seeing them achieve goals, makes me very happy. Julia, Volunteer

Share your skills volunteers

Maybe you'd like to run activities or find new opportunities for the people we work with like sharing your football skills, flair for art, eye for flower arranging or knack for knitting. Or maybe you can put your office skills to work and lend a hand with administration at Central Office.  If you have skills and experience that you'd like to share with us at Mayday, then to get involved just get in touch with us 

Peer Mentors

If you've experienced being homeless and you've successfully worked your way through those tough times, then maybe you would like to become a peer mentor. These volunteers work one to one with individividuals and by sharing their own experiences they inspire others to take brave steps forward into a new future.

I decided to work as a volunteer because I really like to work with other people and support them. I applied to do my year at Mayday Trust because I think in our society people who are homeless are treated like second-class citizens and I think this is wrong. They are equal to everyone else. Mayday gave me the opportunity to show these people that they can achieve a lot in their life. Every person I meet is different. Everyone has a new story. Martin, Mayday Volunteer

Please note that the safety and security of the people we work with is of the utmost importance, so we will make appropriate safeguarding checks before you join us as a volunteer.