Thank you for giving me a chance to pursue my dreams and things that make me happy. Also thank you for recognising that I'm good at something.


Mayday's vision is for a world where individuals, families and communities thrive.


Mayday Trust invests in people's talents and abilities through life-changing opportunities that overcome barriers and achieve aspirations.


We see talent

We build on strengths, abilities and potential

No limits

Mayday sees no limits to what we can achieve as individuals or as an organisation

People first

Mayday works with people first, not labels. For us, it's the individual that matters


Mayday encourages partnerships with individuals groups and organisations that share our ideals

Every contribution counts

At Mayday everyone's view, opinion and actions matter


Mayday is passionately committed to being open, honest and trustworthy

Embracing diversity

Mayday will value and grow diversity, and explicitly challenge issues of inequality