The Personal Transitions Service (PTS) - why it’s needed and how it’s different

The PTS is a radically new approach to tackling homelessness and other tough times, such as leaving care, coming off drugs or alcohol, coming out of prison or psychiatric hospital.

Wisdom from the Street

In 2011, Mayday decided to do something new. They listened to people’s experiences and feelings about homelessness services. The two things that summerised what people said were:

1. The process, once you became homeless, was humiliating, dehumanising and at worst institutionalising. People were becoming trapped in homelessness services. 

2. Too many people stayed too long. The outcomes for people weren’t good enough

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Evidence proved that:

By focusing on areas of weakness, people could only develop so far, yet focusing on strengths allows them to exploit their potential.

Fixing people doesn’t work as it focuses on the problem and not person, yet listening to a persons’ story demands a totally different response. 

Segregating people from their communities and into services impacts on their identity and sense of purpose.

The Personal Transitions Service (PTS) is a highly personalised and strength based approach to working with people going through tough times.

The results were so powerful that it led Mayday to search the globe for a totally new approach. 

Case Study - Mary

Traditional Profile

Mary is hearing voices, self-harming, has mental health issues and is very capable when on meds. 
Response: Refer to in house psychiatric care.

PTS Profile

Mary is experiencing trauma as result of severe violence from her ex-partner. She hides in her wardrobe at times when feeling unsafe.
Response: Source appropriate counselling and listen to what Mary wants for her future. 

Mary is now employed in her chosen career, working with people with learning difficulties. Listening to Mary only required a PTS coach and a brokered opportunity at a care home.

Today's Personal Transitions Service 

As a result of what Mayday learn't  they co-developed a new approach that was Person-led, Transitional and Strength-based.

The PTS sees inspirational Asset Coaches working to the agendas set by people they work with, listening to their stories to offer new opportunities, sourced and brokered from the local community.

The focus is on connecting people with their own identity, building up their positive ‘out of sector’ networks and finding a purpose that means something to them.

What I need isn't just to come off drugs, quit alcohol and get a job. I need to feel that I'm worth something, then I might want to do those other things. Taken from Wisdom from the Street

There is no more them and us - it is the right intervention at the right time, every time!

Watch this video interview with Rachel, one of our Asset Coaches to hear her experience of delivering Personal Transitions Service in practice.

Learn more about our strength based approach from Mayday Trust staff, DCLG, Lankelly Chase Foundation, Oxford City Council and Bridges Ventures, watch our national conference, Strength in Numbers

Flexible Income Options

The Personal Transitions Service was purposefully developed to work with social investment, Social Impact Bonds (SIBs), Payment by Results (PBR) and Spot Purchase Arrangements to increase the flexibility of income options. 

We have been testing, learning and adapting Personal Transitions Service since 2012 and indications are that this model is working to move people on sustainably, including those who have been severely entrenched in the system for many years. 

Find out more about testing Personal Transitions Service and our subsequent transformation, from being a small housing support provider who ran an inquiry into how people felt about the quality of support, to an organisation championing systems-change to support asset-based and personalised approaches, read our report Homelessness System under Deconstruction.

If you would like to know more about Personal Transitions Service or join us to explore this new approach further or get in touch [email protected]