Paul is a Learning and Implementation Co-ordinator at Mayday Trust and he asked us to share his experience to inspire others to step up to the challenge and raise money for charity.

On 24th April 2016, Paul ran the London Marathon. It was the first time he had completed the 26.2 mile challenge. And yet only a year ago he didn’t consider himself to be a ‘runner’

The training was incredibly challenging at times, but I knew that I was also running for a charity which helped through those difficult times. It certainly felt wonderful at the end!

Here we talk to Paul to learn more about the journey towards completing this amazing achievement.

What inspired you to sign up?

I had always wanted to take up the challenge.

How long did you train for?

I followed a 16 week training programme running around three times a week with long runs on Sundays. I progressed to running 20 miles before the marathon.

Were you a regular runner before you signed up?

No, I was certainly not a runner before signing up! Throughout the training I experienced several injuries, but kept on going.

Would you do it again?

Never say never! But maybe not a full marathon next time around.

What advice would you give to someone who is thinking of signing up to a running event?

Do it! It’s a great challenge and rewarding to see your fitness and stamina increase every week. And it really does increase.

What was the best training tips you ever got?

To keep hydrated, nourished and to stretch.

As Paul’s experience proves, you don’t need to be a regular runner to sign up for an event. Making a commitment with a clear deadline could be just the motivation you need to get started, get fit and step up to the challenge.

Paul shows off his marathon medal after completing the run

Feeling inspired?

The Oxford Half Marathon is on 9th October 2016 so there’s still plenty of time to complete your training and build up your fitness and stamina. Get in touch with Hannah Hickman at Mayday Trust to find out how you could enter and join the team!