If people had listened to me and respected me like you do, I would have got my life sorted out years ago.

In 2015...

846 People

accessed Mayday's services

  • 70% males and 30% females
  • 41% of the people we work with are under 25
  • 32 The average age of people coming to Mayday

Health and WellBeing

Mayday believes that people, particularly those identified as having 'complex needs' should have power and control over their own lives.

76% of people experiencing mental health issues felt emplowered to take more control of their health and well-being since coming to Mayday Trust.

More than half of the people coming  to Mayday Trust with substance misuse issues have taken steps to reduce or stop their intake.


Mayday believes in giving people the confidence and skills to achieve sustained employment. Work brings with it a sense of purpose that enables people to gain control over their lives.

One in three people gained employment since coming to Mayday Trust.


Mayday understands that the environment people live in impacts on their motivations and aspirations, therefore we ensure that all of our accommodation promotes growth and thriving behaviour.

75% of people managed to sustain their tenanacy for longer than six months in Mayday's accommodation.


Mayday gives people the tools to realise their potential and fulfil their aspirations. We believe in focusing on abilities and developing skills and talents.

One in four people who were not previously enrolled in education started courses since being engaged with Mayday Trust.

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