Where it all began

In 1976 probation Officer Michael Varah and Probation volunteer Jim Higgins formed Mayday Trust when they spotted a link between homelessness and reoffending. They aimed to break that cycle by providing accommodation and support to integrate ex-offenders back into the community.

Then in 1979 Mayday Trust registered as a charity supporting ex-offenders. Over the next 30 years Mayday trust expanded further into Warwickshire, and outwards into Northampton and Bedfordshire.

When it all changed

In 2011 Mayday was a medium size supported housing provider, trying to tackle homelessness. At this point Mayday asked the question – are the services that Mayday and other organisations are providing working? The answer, no.
From that moment onwards Mayday started its own transition, evolving into the unique organisation it is today.

Pat McArdle, Mayday Trust CEO, looks at Mayday’s transition in her blog ‘Are we working to fix a broken System?