Josh is 22 and has been working with a Mayday coach since April 2016. He previously would not leave his flat unless it was first thing in the morning due to Agoraphobia, anxiety and depression. Josh has a young son but has gone through a relationship breakdown with the son’s mother. Through working with his Mayday coach Josh identified that his son is his spark and the focus in his life. He is also very talented at fixing bikes and would like to start his own business selling these on so he can provide for his son.

Josh’s coach was able to apply for a budget to buy tools for repairing bikes and also a lock for a garage close to where Josh lives so he can store his equipment and bikes safely. Knowing what his spark and focus have meant that Josh has begun travelling to meeting with social services to show his abilities as a dad. In fact Josh now willingly leaves his flat to go to the meetings; that’s what drives him and with the support of his coach and volunteers he is now travelling to different locations which would previously have been impossible. Not because he’s told to, but because he wants to! He is building his friendship network and is building confidence to use public transport. He is looking to the future positively in terms of moving out of Mayday and starting his own business.