When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible’. Howard Schultz

Everyone at Mayday is passionately committed to continuing to improve how people get through the toughest of times in their lives are able to do so with dignity, respect and with as much control and power as possible.

From our experience of delivering a new strength based way of working with people, we know how hard it can be for new interventions to succeed at a time of severe budget cuts and from within in a broken system.

We’d love to see more new ways of working to be given the chance to thrive and for passionate and innovative organisations to be able to test, learn and deliver what works alongside the funders commissioners and investors that support them financially.

We feel that for this to stand the greatest chance of success, we need to work together and build a movement for change so that each part of the system gets better to ultimately improve the experience for each person experiencing difficult times.

‘Take every opportunity available. Don’t let anything pass up, even if you think ‘I’m not going to enjoy this too much’ give it a try anyway. You never know, you might actually enjoy it and grow as a person’. Shaun, (gamer, hard worker, inspiration and someone who stayed with us once)

Innovation Partners

Our Personal Transitions Service has produced statistically significant evidence that our new strength based approach is working to transition people out of the sector and toward sustainable independence.

We are currently setting up Innovation Partnerships with like-minded organisations that are excited about adopting a radically different approach to homelessness services by co-delivering the model to 2,000 people across the UK in the next two years.

Our Innovation Partners will receive a whole suite of practical manuals, as well as our support, training and guidance so that they can deliver an effective strength-based service in a short period of time. Our support includes:

  • A fully developed operations guide
  • Our quality framework - we’re ISO9001 accredited - which includes all of the re-worked policies, personal journey forms, reflective practice, policy, procedures, risk register and audit processes.
  • Access to unique online development tool (asset measurement tool) and our data capture systems.
  • Costing, pricing and social investment modelling if required
  • Staff profiles and selection and recruitment processes
  • A fully developed and supportive training and implementation programme from our senior team and learning and implementation staff
  • Access to online resources through our members only section on the website
  • Membership of a wider movement of innovation partners to share learning and develop the model further.

Watch the speeches from our Strength in Numbers event highlighting our strength based approach from different perspectives from Mayday Trust staff, DCLG, Lankelly Chase Foundation, Oxford City Council and Bridges Ventures.

If you are a provider looking to hear more about joining the movement for change or if you are a commissioner, looking to discuss this innovative, evidence-based and cost-effective approach, please email us at [email protected]