So many people tell us that without things to do that they care about and good friends to share them with, they feel lonely, depressed and unstimulated. They often end up spending most of their time stuck inside feeling lonely or getting involved in alcohol, drugs or crime as a way to cope and survive.

We're not traditional. We take a different approach. At Mayday, we focus on finding the spark in each individual. That one thing that lights up faces and makes you feel hopeful again. It could be a hobby, a hidden talent or a lifetime ambition. 

For people stuck in homeless accommodation or going through hard times without the resources they need to make their lives better, a little investment can be life changing. There are so ways to invest in a new future

A little can go such a long way.

Discovering just one thing that you are really good at can give you newly acquired self-esteem and confidence. For people for whom life has previously been at a pretty low ebb, that new confidence can help them to go on and try their hand at a whole range of other things they didn’t think they could do – and succeed. That’s what makes living your dream so inspirational, so absolutely life changing.

Sally Varah, Michael Varah Memorial Fund and investor in Mayday’s Talent Bond programme.