Our values are about respect, dignity and getting to know you, exploring your talents and abilities and always believing there is no limit to what you can achieve if you want to.

Pat McArdle, Chief Executive Officer

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Everyday people’s lives are transformed by unexpected events. In just one moment you can find life has turned upside-down. At Mayday we believe tough times are temporary stages in life. It’s tough. But you work through it and move on to a brighter future. Just a bump along the road of life.

The people we meet at Mayday are working their way through some of the toughest of times. They may be experiencing homelessness, leaving prison or leaving care. In tough times we understand it’s easy to lose sight of who you are and where you’d like to be.

“I wanted things to change. But, once you’re stuck in that sort of pattern of doing the same thing every day. It's hard to get out of it and change your ways”.

We're different

We genuinely enjoy getting to know people. We rediscover the person beneath the problem. We want to understand the people we work with as fellow human beings with hopes and fears, dreams and plans. We have conversations instead of just asking standard questions. So together we’ll chat about the kind of things that motivate you, the sort of stuff you love doing, what’s helped you through the rough times and the ambitions you’ve got for the future and work with you to put a plan in place and work towards making them a reality.
We listen. And we don’t judge.

“People come to Mayday to receive the support they need and continue with their lives the way they want them to be, following their dreams and starting their life again....on the right foot”.
Fiona McCance

We see your strengths

At Mayday we focus on strengths and we use those as the blocks to build up confidence. It makes a refreshing change from the spirit-crushing loop of endlessly talking about what’s wrong. We work together to decide what happens next based on each individual’s motivations and ambitions, whether that’s competing in a chess tournament or learning how to write computer code. With the help of the community, the people we work with can experience these opportunities. Every person is different, so every single plan is different.
It’s all about thriving in life, not just surviving.

People will say that the way they work is personalised for the individual – you could imagine that’s like getting a coat in your size. It’s not a bad deal, but Mayday makes the coat to your precise measurements. It’s ‘off the peg’ versus ‘tailor-made’.

You can make your own choices

She says, “Would you like me to come with you, or would you want to do it yourself?" I have to think about it. She's not saying I'll come with you and do everything for you. She's giving me the chance to stand on my own two feet, and I respect that. I'm enjoying that.

It’s not multiple choice - people don’t tick a box from a list of options. It’s real choice, a free format answer on a blank sheet of paper. And when you’ve chosen for yourself, the changes you make are more likely to last. You create and build your own positive support networks. You learn and build confidence in your own abilities through experience. You find your spark, your motivation. You find work. You become independent again.

Bump in life successfully navigated. Tick.

“I kind of realised we're all trying just trying to be the same thing, aren't we? Just get a long and have a good life really”.

Take every opportunity available. Don’t let anything pass up, even if you think ‘I’m not going to enjoy this too much’ give it a try anyway. You never know, you might actually enjoy it and grow as a person’. Shaun, (gamer, hard worker, inspiration and someone who stayed with us once)

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