Ashley's Story

I sat up all night talking to my dad about our shared love of cars and motorbikes

At his first meeting Ashley told us that his dream right now was to get clean, get a job and get a house. Ashley used a Mayday personal budget to buy what he needed to build a remote control car and pursue his passion to compete in races. He’s been sharing his ideas with others enthusiasts in a specialist online forum.

To support his ambition for paid work, he completed a work placement with a local cleaning company giving him some much needed experience after eight years of unemployment. He’s using his earnings to grow his interest in model cars which is giving him a focus, a purpose and a reason to get clean and get his life back on track.

Ashley’s confidence is blooming and he’s recently moved into independent housing after five years of living in a tent on the outskirts of the City. He is now able to cook for himself, maintain his own tenancy and share with other people. He’s completely stopped using drugs.
After not seeing his family for three years, Ashley finally took a trip to his home town to visit them over Christmas and sat up all night talking to his dad about their shared passion for cars and motorbikes. Something they hadn’t done since he was a boy. He continues to re-build relationships with all his relatives and alongside his new friends, colleagues and connections is starting to build a really strong and positive network around him for the future.

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