Adam was in an abusive relationship before he came to stay at Mayday Trust. Here he tells his story in his own words...

"I was physically abused through violence by my ex-girlfriend. This abuse was fuelled by alcohol and drugs. I was drinking heavily and using heroin, crack and cannabis. I soon became homeless as I left the abusive relationship and slept on the streets for a while. I was referred to Mayday, where I was accepted and welcomed. This gave me a chance to get my life back on track.

"I met my mentor every week. I knew I could receive the support, help and direction I needed to get to where I really wanted to get to be: a productive, honest, caring, working and independent individual. I actively took part in many of the activities that Mayday had put on including the Health Action Project and the Youth Hostel Association volunteering. 

Set goals, plan and take action!

"I really wanted to get into paid employment and was successful in securing a job at a pub and restaurant, where I worked my way up to Bar Manager.

"My Mayday mentor put me forward for a Talent Bond Award. I had to do a short pitch in front of a panel, a bit like Dragon’s Den. I did feel quite nervous doing my pitch but the 'Dragons' made me feel comfortable and appreciated my pitch for funding to become a crane driver. I won the pitch and because this course cost quite a bit more they had decided to give me a Transition Grant, to fund my training.

Onwards and upwards

"At this point I was in a healthy relationship and my girlfriend became pregnant. The crane course training was only available quite a way away and for a lengthy period and so with agreement from my Mayday mentor I asked if I could use the funds to obtain my fork lift licence. It was agreed and I soon took my test where I was successful in passing my Counter Balance and Reach Fork Lift licences.I am currently in full time paid employment, where they have seen my dedication and are now training me up to become a team leader.

"During my stay with Mayday Trust, I stopped using drugs, only have a drink at family events, special occasions and not on my own. This is not because I cannot trust myself but this is out of my own choice.

Becoming who I want to be

"I have become all of what I wanted to be. I am now a responsible father to my beautiful baby son, Mason, a responsible boyfriend to my girlfriend who loves me, we have moved on to our own 2 bedroom flat and my life is back on the right path. I am so much more confident within myself and have overcome so many fears and challenges that would not have been possible without the support provided by Mayday Trust."

I am forever grateful to Mayday for having confidence in me and that I could turn my life around, for awarding me the Transiton Grant funds to get to where I am now at with employment and for seeing my potential and helping me to believe in myself.

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