Why is the Personal Transitions Service different?

Mayday Asset Coaches answer that all important question - what it the PTS and how is it different from other support services.Read more

Mayday Poem

Our resident spoken word poet, Joe Cook, has dedicated a new poem to Mayday where he shares his feelings about the homelessness system.Read more

Be The Change

Read more

Personal Transitions Service and Social Investment

Funding the PTS through a Social Impact Bond allows frontline staff to deliver only to outcomes and gives them the freedom to tailor the approach to the precise requirements of the individual without encountering imposed and unhelpful output measures and contract requirements.Read more

Homelessness System Under Deconstruction

Read how Mayday’s transformed from a small housing support provider running an inquiry into how people felt about the quality of support, to an organisation championing systems-change to support asset-based and personalised approachesRead more

Resident Involvement Volunteer- Northamptonshire Housing Team

This is an exciting opportunity for someone who is passionate about volunteering to work in the County, taking responsibility for resident involvement.Read more