The homelessness sector is experiencing a time of unprecedented change. CEO’s and Charity Boards are facing significant challenges as political thinking shifts from a state funded civil society to one where charities are funded through philanthropic giving and private finance.

Using Mayday Trust’s first-hand experience, we held two national events; one in London and one in Manchester where we addressed some fundamental questions including:

  • How, and in what form can services adapt and survive?
  • Are we seeing more people with ‘complex needs’ or are we retaining and institutionalising people within a broken system?
  • Is the current system fit for purpose to ensure strength based solutions and new ways of working such as P.I.E. are able to flourish?
  • How can new forms of finance, such as social investment, work for small to mediums sized charities that want to deliver true innovation?

Over the past 4 years, Mayday Trust has developed a unique Personal Transitions Service, Mayday Inspire, which is the first strengths based model for people experiencing homelessness.

Catch up on the speeches from the conference.

Becca Taber, Deputy Director of Homelessness and Support, DCLG

Understanding the current homelessness sector: the Government's perspective

Pat McArdle, CEO, Mayday Trust

Personal Transitions Service: the first strength based model for people experiencing homelessness and multiple needs

About Mayday Inspire

Personal Transitions Service: the first strenght based model for people experiencing homelessness and multiple needs

Peter Chapman, Social Impact Manager, Mayday Trust

Measurement, Impact and Results

Julian Corner, CEO, Lankelly Chase Foundation

Supporting innovation and change within the homelessness sector

Nerys Parry, Rough Sleeping and Single Homelessness Manager, Housing Services, Oxford City Council

Commissioning a strength based approach

Adam Kybird, Associate, Bridges Ventures

How innovation can be supported by social investment

Lynn Mumford, Director of Development, Mayday Trust

Implementing a Personal Transitions Service- Innovation Partnerships