Over the past four years, Mayday Trust has developed a unique Personal Transitions Service, Mayday Inspire, which is the first strength based model for people experiencing homelessness. The model has grown from a small local pilot to a statistically significant innovation. Now through a partnership with Homeless Link we are offering an event to showcase our experience and invite like-minded organisations and groups to join us to deliver this radically different approach with us.

Based on the premise that homelessness should be a temporary transition, Mayday Inspire is an asset-based approach that not only builds upon individual strengths and abilities, but evidences the direct link between increased personal assets and hard outcomes using their bespoke on-line measuring tool adapted from the U.S.

Mayday Inspire is low cost, high impact and has the endorsement of Lankelly Chase Foundation and Local Authority Commissioners amongst others. It has been designed specifically to work with payment by results contracts, social impact bonds and spot purchase arrangements.

If you are a CEO, a member of senior operational and business development staff, Commissioner or a Social Investor

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