Today we welcomed Clinks CEO, Anne Fox, to Mayday Trust in Oxford.

Clinks is an organisation supporting voluntary organisations that work with offenders and their families and Anne was interested in hearing more about what we do at Mayday.

Her first stop was to one our new properties in Oxford and was greeted by Sally, Peter and Sam who had put on a fantastic buffet made by everyone who lived at the house, which included cocktail sausages, cheese and pineapple and cheese salad sandwiches, all finished off by delicious homemade chocolate cake.

Until only recently residents of Mayday’s new accommodation, which is based in the local community, previously lived at one of the City’s largest hostels. Moving into such a new type of housing was daunting but after a couple of months of working with their Mayday Asset coaches, they have settled in and are enjoying their new experiences.

Sally said

When they told me in January I had to move out, I was really nervous. Now I know it was the best thing ever ‘cos I’m proud of being me, and I have a little place to call home

Peter explained how he felt about working with Mayday:

Mayday don’t ask for anything but because of how they make you feel you want to give them everything

Sam, who woke up super early to bake Anne an enormous chocolate cake told her,

One day I was sitting on the steps of a hostel with ten cans of lager. Today I am baking cakes for a chief executive!

After vising people in the new houses, Anne met with Mayday’s Senior Management Team and Board of Trustees to fill them in on CLINKS’ future plans, the state of the sector and upcoming opportunities.

Anne summed up her day by posting a great message on social media:

A fantastic spread with the centrepiece of THE most delicious home baked chocolate cake. Big thanks to Mayday Trust for their work which has given 'the baker' somewhere to call home and bake and cook and make plans for his future. And thanks to him and his housemates for welcoming me into their home and telling me what the Trust does which makes a difference