There is a lot of talk about Systems Change, but what would that really look like for the homeless sector?

We are delighted to be hosting the System Reset event in London on the 6th June. 

They say it’s harder to stop a movement than it is to stop a single organisation. If you’re not afraid to challenge the status quo to make the system work for people going through tough times, whether you’re a CEO, senior operational or business development professional within your organisation, a funder, commissioner or social investor, we’d love to see you there!

"Change happens too fast at the top for the people who can make it happen and too slow at the bottom for the people who need it!"

Alongside our PTS Innovation Partners, we will be presenting System Reset, which offers the opportunity to:

- Hear about our experiences and lessons learned from delivering this alternative asset-based approach, changing organisational culture and challenging the system from within!

- Learn more about the impact of the UK deficit system on people experiencing homelessness

- Find out how the PTS captures and measures meaningful data

- Hear from funders, commissioners and social investors about how a different type of funding relationship can allow asset-based work to flourish

- Find out from the frontline about their experiences of delivering the asset-based approach and how systemic    change can support them to do so.

To find out more about this event and how you can attend visit: