On Sunday 12 March, Rob and Chris who volunteers with us have been interviewed on BBC Oxford. We are happy to share this interview, with kind permission of BBC Radio Oxford* 


Rob, who has been on the streets and in and out of services for years was never asked what he liked or enjoyed and never had the opportunity explore his musical talents. This changed when he was given the opportunity to record his songs at  the Soundworks Studio in Oxford. Access to the studio came about through local brokering conducted by Mayday coaches and this has been funded through successfully applying for a grant through Midcounties Co-op which will keep this exciting project going for the next year. Here Rob worked with a Mayday volunteer who was able to teach him the guitar and move on from that 20-year-old tune. By the end of 4 weeks, he recorded himself playing and singing a Bob Dylan song.  Sarah, our Asset Coach, who have been working with Rob shares her reflections in her blog, Mayday, Soundworks Studio and Midcounties Co-op broker a new tune for Rob

Living on the streets, you get accustomed to that lifestyle. It takes a while to adjust to living on the mainstream. You take it for granted that people don’t care about you. When you work with Mayday, they do. . . . Never in my wildest dreams, I would have thought I could be recording in a studio. (Rob)

*We are very happy for you to have access to and use this recording. However, if you are sharing this recording on your networks including on social media, please ensure you are giving appropriate credit by writing "used with kind permission of BBC Radio Oxford"