12/13 Individual control

Yeah, we're a great community at my hostel. I'm perfectly safe here (as long as I hand over my money to my roommate and don't let anyone else know)Read more

11/13 'Real world' interventions

I don't need two years of key working just because I'm homeless. All I need is to be able to get my fork lift licence so I can get a job and move out with my partner and new babyRead more

10/13 Bespoke opportunities

Roll up, roll up... only 26 places left to fill on the work placement opportunity. What do you mean you don't want to be motor mechanics? It's a job right?Read more

9/13 Appropriate professional support

I'm not sure the security guard at my mental health unit really knows what to say when I talk about how I was beaten up as a kidRead more

8/13 Balanced power dynamics

Yeah, sure, I'm off drugs and I haven't had a drink since last week *a-hem*. If it means I keep the roof over my head, then I'll tell you whatever you need to hear. Wouldn't you?Read more

7/13 Need for meaningful relationships

Imagine only spending time with your doctor, your dentist and your next door neighbour, Cabin fever anyone?Read more

6/13 Strengths, abilities and aspirations

Before I became homeless, I used to love playing guitar and going to gigs. Funnily enough, I still doRead more

5/13 More than needs and risks

I was abused by my step-dad. I drink a litre of vodka a day. I last had unprotected sex last week. Now your turn... I didn't think soRead more

4/13 Delivery to the lowest common denominator

Before I became homeless I worked as an accountant. Now I have to prove I can write my own budget plan. It's humiliating. Is this really how low I've fallen?Read more

3/13 Over medicalisation of mental health issues

That's just what I need. More pills and someone to talk to about why I feel crazy. You would too if you slept in a tiny room next to someone screaming all nightRead more

2/13 Right Intervention at the right time

Right now isn't a good time for me to start my healthy eating plan. Right now, I'm trying to get my kids back, so this pizza will do just fineRead more

1/13 More than fixing

What I need isn't just to come off drugs, quit alcohol and get a job. I need to feel that I'm worth something, then I might want to do those other thingsRead more