Expecting the best, rather than fearing the worst

Asset Coach, Andrew Durman reflects on the Personal Transitions Service. Looking at the significance of a positive approach towards the individuals that coaches are lucky enough to work alongside and the importance of releasing controlRead more

Is it really just a hobby?

Asset Coach, Richard Boylan looks at the importance of something that is often seen as ‘just a hobby’ or ‘just an interest’ and how focusing on a person’s talents and interests can have life changing consequences.Read more

We are 6 relationship breakdowns away from homelessness

Mayday Trust Asset Manager, Sarah Hughes, explores the reasons behind homelessness, the importance of positive relationships and if we really are all 6 weeks away from homelessnessRead more

To teach or not to teach

Asset coach, Richard Boylan, explores differences between teaching and coaching by drawing on his own experiences on the athletics field.Read more

Ditching the lanyard

Mayday Asset Coach, Andrew Durman, explores how it feels to go from knowing something isn't right with the system to ditching the lanyard and working in a genuine person centred way through the Personal Transitions Service.Read more

I have locked myself out

"I've locked myself out!" What is an asset based, strength based approach in this situation? How can housing teams really start to deliver on promoting independence, leading to a 'positive and sustained move on’? Our Chief Executive Pat McArdle discusses.Read more

Zumba: Let's get loud!

Paddy Bates from Mayday Trust reflects on Zumba and yoga sessions run specifically for 'homeless pathways' and asks friends in the sector to demand for others only what we would demand for ourselves.Read more

Evaluating the Personal Transitions Service

WeiHsi Hu, the Director of Logical Thinking discusses their research looking into the effectiveness and impact of the Mayday Trust's Proof of Concept for Personal Transitions Service.Read more

Delivering System Change on The Ground

At the launch of Mayday's Personal Transitions Service and our report Homelessness System Under Deconstruction, Sarah Hughes describes her experiences of bringing about systems change through delivering Personal Transitions Service.Read more

Deconstructing a broken system

At the launch of Mayday's Personal Transitions Service and our report Homelessness System Under Deconstruction, Pat McArdle describe why the sector requires a paradigm shift to transform how we tackle homelessness.Read more

The unspoken truth about frontline

Anna Suswillo, Mayday's Asset Coach, shares the unspoken truth about working on the frontline and her experiences of being in and against the system.Read more

A Disorder For Everyone?

Our Asset Coach, Nikki Aitchison, reflects on the 'A disorder for everyone?' workshop and asks how frontline workers can challenge the ‘let’s fix it culture’ prevalent in our public services.Read more

In memory of Martin

Anna Suswillo, one of our Asset Coaches discusses how people like Martin struggle to navigate through a complex system of homelessness, care and health.Read more

Volunteers: Friends and Connectors

Rhian Airey discusses how Mayday approach helps to recruit and retain our volunteers.Read more