Take action!

On your own. Or get together. 

Run. Walk. Skip. Hop. Be silent. Dress up. Dress down. Drink tea. Bake cakes. Sit in beans. Trek local. Trek far away. Dance. Give up something. Start something new. Sing. Sell books. Crochet. Sky dive. Eat cake. Drink coffee. Sell clothes. Break records. Shave your hair. Knit. Hold a quiz. Hold your nerve. Climb. Skate. Bike. Walk. Did we already say walk?

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Click on the 'Fundraise' button and you can build your very own Mayday Trust fundraising page. Set your own target, show a running total of your fundraising to date and upload photos of your progress, trials and triumphs. Fundraise and make a difference.

Fundraising events

We've partnered with Do It For Charity so you can join in exciting events to raise money and awareness for Mayday Trust. 

Choose from events like these:

Coast to coast bike ride

Tandem skydive

Ben Nevis challenge

London super hero run

...my experience taught me that no one is that far from needing help, in the short or longer term...I believe Mayday's way of working is the way forward and I'm very happy to be able to contribute. Evelyn Harvey, Supporter